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"Let there be light!"

Back light, side light, front light. Dim, bright, slanted, or flat. The shape, color, and intensity of light defines every composition. An exquisite back-lit petal of an orchid, the slanted, dramatic explosion of light at sunset on an expansive beach, the cool, dim light of an early, misty morning sunrise over a slumbering mountain range all evoke a specific mood and emotion. This illuminated moment in time is dependent on the time of day and season, as light is an energy and life force that changes and morphs continuously.

I revel in capturing just the right moment — a fleeting expression, a vivid hue, a wild spirit, or an intricate pattern in nature. Seeing the world through the lens, and the filter of my mind's eye, is a challenging and inspirational, beautiful and exhilarating process. Add electronics, pixels, software, paper, the Web, and voila! I share a vision.

Like all art, photography invites me to appreciate and participate in the beauty and wonder of life around me.

B.A., English, UCLA
Various classes and workshops in photography and watercolors
Avid student of photography

Published, “World Views,” Dwell Media, Inc., 2011, page 70
Published, "Best of Photography Annual 2006," Photographer’s Forum, a division of Serbin Communications, 2006, page 57
Second Place, Black & White Portraits, San Mateo County Fair, 2012
Honorable Mention, Black & White Portrait, Color Portrait, Color-Structure, San Mateo County Fair, 2012
First Place, Color Portraits, San Mateo County Fair, 2011
Second Place, Black & White Portrait, San Mateo County Fair, 2011
Second Place, Structures, San Mateo County Fair, 2011
3rd Place Award, Juried Exhibition (by George Rivera, Curator of The Triton Museum of Santa Clara), Fine Arts League of Cupertino (FALC) Fall Festival 2010
Honorable Mention, Color Portrait, San Mateo County Fair, June 2014
Exhibit, Peking Duck Restaurant, Palo Alto, Dec 15, 2012–Mar 2, 2013
Exhibit, Main St. Café, February 2012
Exhibit, Saratoga Library, June 2012
Exhibit, Silicon Valley Open Studios, May 2009