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We'll make sure your headshot portrays you as friendly, approachable, confident, and capable--all while your personality shines through.


An effective headshot attracts attention, conveys confidence, and makes a positive first impression.


You will have an image and style that comfortably and honestly conveys who you are--business-like, powerful, creative, casual, formal, rugged, or something in between.


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A photographer since high school, Lynne Farris Schafer is an award-winning and published portrait and fine art photographer who lives in Silicon Valley.  She has a passion for the craft and thrives on putting people in their best light possible.  Having worked extensively in the corporate world, she knows the critical importance of first impressions.  In the past, a first impression was made in person; but today, it's more likely to be your headshot on LinkedIn or company website.  Lynne opened her studio six years ago in Santa Clara.  


Why do I need or want a professional headshot?

A headshot posted on a LinkedIn site, your resume, corporate website, or other social media is often the first impression you make with another person--one who is in a position to hire you promote you, or recommend you.  In that case, you want to put your best look forward.

Why do I need to hire a professional (versus using my iPhone or Aunt Sally)?

Just as having a pen doesn't make you a writer, having a camera of any kind doesn't make you a photographer.  Your selfie just isn't good enough to make the best first impression you can make.

I don't like ANY photos that have ever been taken of me!  What now?

An accomplished, professional photographer can discover there best in your appearance while letting your personality shine through at the same time.  Clark Gable had big ears, but have you ever seen a bad photo of him?  Barbra Streisand had a big nose, but she took advantage of it and had her featured in profile one an album cover!  What you may perceive as a defect can be worn as a badge of distinction and individuality.  

I can't afford a professional headshot

If you hold a certain set of value where you occasionally splurge on an expensive dinner, the latest technology, or the perfect pair of shoes, you can decide to afford one because it's worth it.  The cost of a professional headshot will pay for itself in dividends like a job that pays more, uses more of your talents, or otherwise advances your career by attracting new clients and business referrals.

How do I know you're the best?

I am an award-winning portrait photographer who will provide guaranteed satisfaction.  If you do not ike any of the photos taken, there will be no charge.

What should I expect and bring?

Bring a set of comfortable clothes and a few options.  Be sure to try on your clothes before you arrive to make sure they all fit properly--especially if you haven't worn them in a while (think Covid 19).  Choose clothes that are simple in design (no loud or complicated patterns) and colors that complement your skin tone and hair color.  A good rule of thumb is anything that resembles your eye color.  Solid black, white, or denim blue are often favorites.  Arrive fresh and well-rested (no blurry-eyed hangovers, please!).  If you wear make-up, it's best not to overdo it, as you can always add, but it's difficult to subtract.  Make sure hair is clean, cut, and styled.  In other words, be prepared to look your best.  Leave the rest up to me.

Schedule, shoot, and download.  It's that easy.

An individual studio session includes one clothing change and one background choice.  During the studio session, we will discuss your goals, make sure you are comfortable, and shoot you in one or two outfits.  After the shoot, we will review and choose your images.  Within a week, you can download your edited, high-resolution digital files.  Let's have fun!

I'd Love to Chat

Call me at 408.893.8755 and let me know what you want and need.  We can always schedule a Zoom call ahead of an appointment.  During Covid, I follow the protocols for health safety.

Headshot Session


One outfit

One background

Two professionally edited, high-resolution JPEGs

Studio Location

1105 Benton Street, Suite C

Santa Clara, CA 95050

(408) 893-8755

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