September 24, 2015

Many moons ago, during the days of film photography, I also used to write reams of short stories.  During one workshop, my writing professor offered a most useful critique of  one particular story, stating that I, the writer and creator, knew my characters well, but that I failed to convey that information to the reader.  He said I was too distant from my character.  At the same time, I observed that my film negatives were "thin"; that is, they were not exposed to light long enough to create a strong black-and-white image, and I needed to crop my images to achieve my mind's vision.  In effect, I needed to give the film emulsion sufficient light or information, and I needed to get closer to my subject.  In both scenarios, I, the writer and photographer, failed to deliver sufficient information to the reader and the film.  I have since discovered that whatever I do in one creative discipline tends to cross over into other creative disciplines.  Using this analogy, were I a painter, I might  observe that my paints lacked color intensity.

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